I offer a variety of programs for you and your team:

Subjects include:

  • Leadership and Mindfulness: A Scientific Approach
  • Doing More with Less: Increasing Productivity and Profit while Reducing Stress
  • Teamwork: Relating at Work and Home (What You See and What You Don’t)
  • Compliance and Mindfulness: A Refreshing Perspective
  • Decision-Making and Creativity: Playground of the Unconscious Mind

These include:

  • 60-90 Minute “Lunch & Learn”
  • 2-4 Hour Workshop (highly interactive workshop)
  • Full Day Workshop
  • 2-4 Day Offsite Workshop
  • Daily or Weekly Mindfulness Instruction

Daily and Weekly Habituation Programs provide support for developing new mindfulness habits that last. This can be done on-site or over the web, depending upon circumstances.

I highly recommend an ongoing habituation program. Studies at University College London show that it takes 66 days to form a new habit, on average. While there are many variables that impact the time required for new habit formation, this is a good rule of thumb. Mindfulness involves a new way of seeing ourselves and others. It requires dedication and daily practice. It is not something one learns and walks away a different person; that would be unrealistic to expect. Participants will benefit meaningfully just from learning the basics of how the mind functions. However, to optimize your team’s results, I recommend the longer programs and/or daily or at least weekly follow up.

Private and/or Group Executive Coaching
Can Be Added to Each of the Above Programs